“Do You Love Me In Any Feeling?”

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You Will BEE Fine

Hi-dee everybody,

The most important thing to know about me is that I’m Mama to two wonderful daughters, Delilah and Rowan. They have similar interests but very different personalities.

Sisters playing video games - Will BEE Fine blog
Delilah and Rowan enjoying downtime after a day of vacation activities.

Our eldest daughter is calm and reserved unless she is acting out a dramatic schoolyard tale, sharing her love of a new novel she finished, or recounting her recent mastery of a video game. Meanwhile, our youngest daughter only goes to 11, and she has since birth.

One-year-old girl screaming during the birthday song while her older sister stands next to her - You Will BEE Fine blog
Thus began Rowan’s dislike of anyone singing “Happy Birthday to You.”

Writing this now, I am smiling thinking about hearing Rowan’s tiny baby wails from the hall as her little newborn cart was pushed into our hospital room when it was time for her to nurse.

“One minute she was just fine and the next she decided she was hungry, and right now,”…

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10 Tips for Self Care

I'm rewriting the Meredith Grey gif - you know the one...she's on the verge of tears, stating "I'm just exhausted." Here's my version: me trying to excel as a wife, mother, teacher, blogger, etc., maintain family/friendships, drink enough water, exercise, message everyone back, stay sane, and be happy. I'm tired, folks. I've been struggling with anxiety this week. This is the point in the journey where I want to quit something. The thing is, there is nothing to pare down except the pressure I put on myself. You read that correctly. I don't want to get rid of anything in my life (well, I can't possibly retire at this point, so that's off the table). I like my life. It's just busy and exhausting and it's been a hard week.

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Ways to Refresh for Spring (Budget Version – Jane Specials)

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A Letter to the Broken

A little background into this post. The other day I commented to a fellow blogger about how I have nearly let music go since Mom died because it triggers grief. This person responded, “Maybe it’s going thru it that will help you heal. A life without music, I know ur mom doesn’t want you to live that way if music reminds you so strongly of her.” It was a profound moment. I found Elevation Worship’s Hallelujah Here Below album, inspired by a verse in Exodus where God requests an alter built with imperfect stones. The letter that follows is not what I planned to write this week, but writing is a lot like teaching; we must take advantage of the reachable moments. Even when the student is oneself.