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Ways to Refresh for Spring (Budget Version – Jane Specials)

Disclaimer: I am super excited to announce I have partnered with Jane to bring my readers more great deals! Jane has the right products and feel for my blog. If you shop Jane, you already know about their boutique style clothing and budget-conscious prices. Jane isn’t all about clothing! For those of us from the catalog era, Jane has a wide assortment of desirable items…everything from home decor to maternity to baby clothes to pets. You can shop any Jane link in this post and I will receive a small commission while you get a great buy. Don’t wait because these are limited time deals and they go fast! Here is an example, perfect for the Easter season (Click on link to purchase)

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“May you have fresh strength in the spring season.” ~ Lailah Gifty Akita

I don’t know about you, but this is exactly where I’m at right now in the journey…in pursuit of fresh strength and renewal. I am so happy to hear the spring peepers (as Mama always called them) and to see the sunshine outside the window this morning.

The truth is it’s been a long winter. I am in need of renewal and revamping. When I get to this place, there are some tried and true methods I implore to refresh. Here are a few of my lifesavers:

Refresh Your Wardrobe/Discard 

So I’ve been on the Marie Konde train (see ) and I’m so excited to spend spring break simplifying my life. I’ve been thinking for months about whether items spark joy or not and I’ve been choosing my outfits according to this principle. Stay tuned!  (Click image to purchase)

Rearrange Your Space

My options for doing this are somewhat limited, but rearranging your space is a great way to refresh. Every spring, Mama always rearranged the furniture in the living room for a fresh look. Even something as small as rearranging the wall decor or adding an inexpensive piece can do the trick! (Click image to purchase sign).

Create Something From Scratch

I’m not super crafty, but the times I have made something from scratch are satisfying. For me, this comes more in the form of writing a piece (hey, y’all) or creating a new lesson for my classes. It might even come in the form of gathering a fresh vase of flowers! (click image to purchase jug).

Get Back to Nature

I am the biggest advocate for lake walks. We have this amazing trail system that extends around our marina/dam, and it’s just breathtaking. My sister and I are planning dog walking sessions as soon as the weather warms up a bit. Spring in Kentucky is chilly, but I can’t wait to take a hike. Click this link to order: The Great Outdoors Graphic Tees
from: Jane Affiliates…it’s a GREAT BUY for $12.99! There are lots of styles and color options. 


Find a Four Legged Therapist

I’m not even kidding when I say this. Pet therapy is a real thing. My pups and my cat have made so much difference in the quality of my life and my overall happiness quotient. Ellie makes me smile every single day….my family and I sit and laugh together at her antics with the Poodles, Ivy and June. Mr. Cat is curled up beside me as I write this post. If you don’t have a pet, visit one or try pet sitting. You need animals to refresh you on the journey!Click link to purchase item below: Trendy Printed Dog Leashes
from: Jane Affiliates for only $8.99. 


Read a Book/Article

Books are a big deal on this blog. You guys know how much I love to read and how highly I recommend it as a means of refreshing. If you don’t like reading books, may I recommend your favorite bloggers or articles? Anything you choose to read will aide you in decompressing and renew a sense of quiet in your mind. I am currently reading the novel below and it is amazing! *(click to purchase)

Take a Hot Shower/Bath

I used the swear by hot bath therapy. You can create your own spa day without leaving the comforts of home. Nowadays, I’m more about long showers. All I need is a little time, my favorite shower gel, and a fluffy, white towel to de-stress and be renewed and relaxed. I am currently using this stress scrub (click to purchase):

Go to Bed Early/Take a Nap

I haven’t been getting enough rest here lately, so I’ve used this tip 3 times this week. I retired early two nights, and took a Friday evening nap. The extra sleep has renewal benefits impossible to obtain anywhere else. You must make time for rest in order to refresh yourself. Click the link to add this cute print to your decor for only $5.99. Farmhouse Christian Sign Prints / 8 Sizes
from: Jane Affiliates


Listen to Music

After my last post (, I decided it was time for a spring playlist. I posted on Facebook and received all kinds of good tips from my friends. I’m really into Contemporary Christian; your playlist should consist of music that uplifts you and renews your soul. Here is a link to my current playlist:


Clear Your Mind

This is no easy task for those of us who battle anxiety. What works best for me may not work for you. That said, my tried and true methods for clearing my mind include daily prayer, keeping a scripture journal, and meditating on God’s word. Most of the time, creating a space for reflection at home helps me clear my mind more than anything else. I am in love with this watercolor home print! There are several options that may fit the style of your house. Check it out here: Custom Watercolor House Print / Free Print / Free Shipping

Lots of custom options for only $18.99! This would make an amazing gift for those June weddings ahead.


I hope you find these tips helpful. I’m praying you renew, refresh, and have an amazing Spring!!

21 thoughts on “Ways to Refresh for Spring (Budget Version – Jane Specials)

  1. So many great ideas! I’ve been slowly working thru rooms and rearranging changing up accessories to re-inspire me. It really helps. Plus the play list is a must! Christian Contemporary is also my fave for inspiration and centering my soul! Thanks!

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  2. I’m so pleased to hear that someone other than myself re-arranges their furniture in spring! Even if it’s moving or introducing a new table or lamp to the lounge, it’s my annual thing! Pet therapy is a wonderful thing and something I can attest to myself! xxx


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