Getting Out of the Comfort Zone (update and guest post!)

"Our Same = Safe equation takes over and we stay in jobs we hate, in unhealthy relationships, and repeat patterns of behaviour that sabotage our dreams because the uncomfortable familiarity of what we do still feels a safer bet than making changes." ~ Anne Burton Hey, y'all. It's been a minute...taking a moment to update everyone as my summer sabbatical… Continue reading Getting Out of the Comfort Zone (update and guest post!)


5 Books for the Beach!!

Confession: I've been a lazy writer so far this summer. In addition to some traveling, I've de -stressed with my doggos and I've devoured several audiobooks. Hence, it's time for a summer themed book post! If you've been looking for the perfect read, I've got you. I have read some truly engrossing titles and I'm here with the low down on the best pool/beach reads to grab or download for your summer reading pleasure!!


Upgrade Your Life: A 12 Step Plan

Most of our problems are caused by the individual in the mirror. Take an honest inventory of yourself - do you have toxic tendencies? Even if you don't, what patterns or behaviors have you tolerated that are bringing you down? What are you allowing that is inconsistent with your dreams and future plans? Sometimes we self-sabotage out of fear, ego, or a lack of discipline. It's time for an honest evaluation.